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We usually need approximately 30 - 45 minutes to capture the photos we need to build your virtual tour.

We want to capture the best images of your home so here are some things we discovered while capturing tours. Please also keep in mind we're constantly on the move, so "moving things out of the way" doesn't always work well. Anything in question should be placed in the garage or a closet.


  • Vehicles need to be out of the driveway before the appointment, as we begin on the outside.
  • Kindly remove trash cans (some folks choose to schedule tours on days other than trash day).


  • Valuables not included in the sale of the home should be out of view.
  • Open window blinds and drapes to reveal the view unless your real estate professional has advised you otherwise. 
  • Window boxes are fine if they do not block the view.
  • High-back furniture should not be in front of windows if it blocks the view.
  • Turn inside lights on.
  • Fans off.
  • Televisions off.
  • Toilet lids down.
  • Make the beds, clothes in the hamper, toys in the closet.
  • Conceal garbage containers.
  • Open doors between rooms to give an open feeling.
  • Remove pet food bowls and toys, and conceal pets.
  • We can't assume liability for moving furniture, etc. The property will be photographed as is. Ask your real estate professional which things, if moved, would improve the tour and subsequent showings.
  • Remove area rugs, now is the time to let that flooring shine.
  • Conceal cords. They remind us how many things we keep plugged in 24/7.
  • Open house signs should be out of view of the camera.


  • Clear the island and counters so the tour shows how spacious it is.
  • Clear the refrigerator. Sports schedules and school lunch menus, etc. are things most people don't want strangers to read.
  • Conceal kitchen garbage from view.
  • Empty the sink and put the soap below the sink.


  • Shower/bath items should be placed under the sink.
  • Clear counters.
  • Once again, please lower toilet seats.

First impressions are everything, and our goal is to help your property outshine the competition. Be prepared for fewer showings, because our tours help buyers eliminate homes which will not work for them.

Thank you for choosing We have done hundreds of virtual tours and are sure you will be pleased with the results. Visit our Portfolio if you’d like to see some of our work. Don't forget to tell your friends and associates that your real estate professional uses "those awesome virtual tours."

Robin and Keith Volker, Owners
82 Parkside Dr.
Lebanon , Pa 17042
Local: 717-304-8562